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Help Desk For Law Firms: Industry Specific Solutions 24/7

In the current legal climate, there are a number of challenges that all law firms must be prepared to address that are either caused or compounded by the rapid pace of IT and software development. Software platforms and packages undergo frequent changes, and business efficiency often requires fast-paced adaptation to ensure that technology, especially software applications from the end-user perspective, are understood and used properly. You may have qualified IT help desk personnel, but how do you scale your support as new questions and application nuances arise? The threshold question is “Can your internal support staff match the responsiveness and resources of a well-qualified third party help desk?” As an industry leader with over 20 years of experience providing assistance to global law firms, Intelliteach demonstrates results with a proven track record. Equipped with the tools and services of our help desk for law firms, your practice will create a valuable business partnership to help you boost your bottom line and reduce operating expenses. Through a combination of customizable dynamic software solutions, 24/7/365 help desk support, and continuing education resources, your firm can achieve new levels of productivity, and your attorneys can optimize billable hours.

Intelliteach was founded by former legal professionals with the goal of providing exceptional IT support tailored to the specific needs of the industry. With our help desk for law firms, you’ll receive personalized service, quick response times, and service management capabilities that will help identify and resolve issues with both personnel and infrastructure. Our experienced team of Service Desk Analysts work on both sides of the Atlantic, and are available to provide 24/7 support, educational tools, and troubleshooting. With an average call response time of 16 seconds and a first call resolution rate of 85%, Intelliteach has resources and capabilities that a standard 9 to 5 internal support staff simply cannot provide.

help desk for law firms intelliteach

The Intelliteach Help Desk For Law Firms:
Your Partner in Productivity

With our help desk for law firms, Intelliteach is confident that we can help your firm maximize efficiency, stay up-to-date on quickly changing software, and provide a return on investment that far exceeds the costs of implementation. Some clients have reported a 30-40% reduction in operating expenses compared to internal support functions. We achieve these results through a combination of software solutions, innovative e-learning resources, and carefully crafted analytical tools. For example, with SkillBuilder, our clients receive support in document creation and management systems such as NetDocuments, EDOCS, and MacPac For Legal. The context-sensitive support comes in the form of one-to-three minute, easily accessible video solution segments available at the push of a button. With our e-learning resources, clients have experienced up to a 90% savings over traditional training methods, and also see improvements in productivity and knowledge retention.

IQTrack is our innovative SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution that provides law firms with a variety of powerful tools for incident management, change management, and problem management. IQTrack is built to enforce ITIL principles with a full-service ticketing system, analyst tools, an advanced knowledge base, as well as impressive reporting capabilities. Issues are quickly identified and incidents can be identified as rogue outages, need-to-know support issues, or remote access problems. With over 10 million tickets successfully logged and resolved, our experience shapes and informs the features of this software application, and allows you to customize your dashboard to the specific needs of your firm. When it comes to an outside help desk for law firms, Intelliteach can show your firm the benefits of outsourcing these functions. Contact our offices in Atlanta, St. Louis, or London to request a custom evaluation and put your law firm on the path to increased productivity.