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Intelliteach Announces Launch of New Software System and Educational Platform, SkillBuilder eLearning


Atlanta, GA, June 1, 2016


Intelliteach Announces Launch of New Software System and Educational Platform, SkillBuilder eLearning – Intelliteach, global provider of multi services for law firms, has collaborated on content development with Knowledge Accelerators, the preeminent provider of continuous adult education to the commercial market.  This new on-demand, continuous eLearning service provides yet another layer to the growing practice of legal technology outsourcing.

“This latest product rollout of SkillBuilder eLearning is exciting for us as we seek to continuously provide our global law clients with new and innovative ways to empower their partners and end users with accessible tools and technologies.  This new offering will enable our clients to stay informed and educated in all things related to legal technology,“ shared Seelin Naidoo, CEO, Intelliteach.  “This strategic addition, not only allows us to provide value added services, it also eliminates capital expenditures firms would otherwise be required to make to configure, then build, customized content management software and training platforms.”

Keith Gibson, CEO, Knowledge Accelerators, also shared, “We are excited to leverage the knowledge we have developed over the years into the legal sector through this partnership. This partnership provides an expansive library of content focused on legal specific technologies and training, classes and multi media functionality, adding valuable dimensions to IT Service Desk and 24/7/365 client support.”

From a content perspective, SkillBuilder eLearning allows Intelliteach to provide access to training solutions for the biggest names in law firm business software including Office 2010, 2013 and 2016, as well as, Windows and SharePoint.  Further, the robust content library includes legal specific tools including information related to NetDocuments, iManage, WorkShare Compare, Payne, DTE Axiom, BigHand and ChromeRiver.  The Self Service Reference Library offers thousands of video and text solutions, allowing legal staff to learn quickly and easily in their preferred format.  One of the key benefits of this mobile interface is increased productivity as the intuitive, mobile format allows users to browse by subject, recommended content and Q&A topics on demand.

The SkillBuilder eLearning service package is also designed to shift organizational learning from event-based to campaign-based.  The purpose and value in this new approach is to deliver just-in-time knowledge for improved productivity.  The Intelliteach combined solutions will offer clients eLearning, trainer toolkits, topic collaboration, live help solutions, local languages, reference library, embedded help and related material.  Additionally, the Intelliteach solution allows law firms to offer customized content including firm specific procedures and standards.  The Intelliteach SkillBuilder eLearning approach is based on the idea that knowledge and  eLearning may be accelerated to match the speed of business with iterative disciplines applied to the knowledge, training and learning processes.  In order to remain competitive, global law firms will benefit from this further extension of providing support in a mobile, user friendly, legal specific, always on environment.


Intelliteach is the leading global provider of intelligent outsourcing solutions to more than 300 firms in the legal and accounting markets. We specialize in Accounts Receivable Management, IT/Help Desk Support, SkillBuilder eLearning and Software Solutions. Intelliteach’s clients on average have experienced a 10X return on their investment and/or reduced overall operating expense by more than 30%, all while improving quality of service which is available 24/7, 365 days a year. With focus on providing secure, scalable solutions enabled by best in class technology platforms our multi service solutions help to position law firms for financial success by allowing them to emphasize long-term practice growth strategies and transformative law practices. See what’s next with Intelliteach at

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