Atlanta, GA, April 26, 2017


(Atlanta, GA, April 26, 2017) —Seelin Naidoo, Chief Executive Officer, Intelliteach, dispels five common myths about legal IT Outsourcing in the latest Intelliteach white paper available on  “Have you ever thought of moving your firm’s IT department to an outside company, but have reservations about outsourcing?  Think it might be too costly, or that the service representatives will not develop an appropriate rapport with your senior staff?  Do you wonder if outside staff really provides expertise with the type of legal software that your firm employs? These are common myths that most senior legal IT officers grapple with as they consider expanding IT support—and all are out of date in today’s legal practice” shares Seelin Naidoo, CEO, Intelliteach.

The  Intelliteach Top Five Myths of Outsourcing in the Legal IT Industry white paper outlines five common myths and provides the factual reasons why they are not relevant in today’s constantly evolving legal technology environment.  The Intelliteach white paper tackles the most commonly heard mistaken ideas about outsourcing legal IT services including:

  1. Outsourcing is too expensive-our firm simply cannot afford this expense
  2. Our attorneys think our internal help desk provides enough support for our staff
  3. External service desk companies are just big offshore call centers, staffed with people who can’t build rapport with our staff
  4. Outside service desks don’t know our very specialized legal software or security requirements
  5. Our IT department is on call 24/7-no help desk can provide us with that kind of around the clock global support

According to Intelliteach’s Craig Friedl, Chief Operating Officer / Global IT Support Services, “Separating the truth from the myth is an important step into moving your law firm to an outside IT Help Desk. It is important to know what services are most valuable to growing your firm’s specific area of practice, and what level of support your firm needs based on location, industry and size. An internal IT service desk is often unable to provide the level of assistance that an outside expert partner can with greater scalability, cost effectiveness and quality.”


Intelliteach is the leading global provider of intelligent outsourcing solutions to more than 300 firms in the legal and accounting markets. We specialize in Accounts Receivable Management, IT/Help Desk Support, SkillBuilder eLearning and Software Solutions. Intelliteach’s clients on average have experienced a 10X return on their investment and/or reduced overall operating expense by more than 30%, all while improving quality of service which is available 24/7, 365 days a year. With focus on providing secure, scalable solutions enabled by best in class technology platforms our multi service solutions help to position law firms for financial success by allowing them to emphasize long-term practice growth strategies and transformative law practices.

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