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(Atlanta, GA, June 26, 2017) —

Seelin Naidoo, Chief Executive Officer, Intelliteach, presented “New Money” – Managing Law Firm Revenue at Client Intake at the 2017 Annual Conference of the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) in Denver, Colorado. Content is now available here. Content is now available here.

“The biggest difference between firms delivering revenue realization improvement and those who don’t is a commitment by senior firm management to drive a high level of true policy compliance.” shares Seelin Naidoo, CEO, Intelliteach.

The Intelliteach New Money – Managing Law Firm Revenue at Client Intake presentation outlines operational processes often overlooked for improved revenue realization and managing financial risk. The overview outlines best practices for ensuring greater financial profitability and managing risk of bad debt by emphasizing three key areas for client services improvement:

  1. Client Intake as Financial Risk
  2. New Client Interaction
  3. New Client Contact and Frequency

According to Intelliteach’s Seelin Naidoo, Chief Executive Officer, “Firms can still dramatically reduce their risk of bad debt by managing those clients already in their AR portfolios. Policies used to assess risk and manage those high-exposure clients to minimize losses are essential. However, no single new client acceptance policy will fit every firm. The framework and processes are usually revised to fit an individual firm’s culture – and that management’s appetite to challenge the status quo.”

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